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Providing Solicitor SEO Packages to local law firms to boost rankings on search engines and increase leads. The ultimate Solicitor SEO agency.

Solicitor SEO

Solicitor SEO Services.

Not only do we offer group of solicitor SEO packages but also in-depth knowledge that will guarantee your rank in search engines.  Due to the increased competition of digital marketing with solicitor businesses it is essential to invest in an effective SEO digital advertising campaign if you want your company to be on top of google and produce organic leads. Our services allow you to concentrate on what you know best, legal advising!

About The SitePie Company.

At SitePie we are a group of trained SEO pros and pride ourselves in fantastic customer service.  Law firms and Solicitors trust us to get their site SEO and also to get results!

At SitePie, our local SEO is affordable, which means that you don’t need to spend a fortune to grow your business. We specialise in solicitor SEO agency or solicitor SEO company in Edinburgh or across the united kingdom, we’ll ensure to meet your requirements and produce maximum results. 

As we are among the top solicitor search engine optimisation companies, we provide an assortment of solutions that will help you rank on very top of Google, and other such search engines.

As your local solicitor website climbs the rankings on google, you’ll notice that it’s attracting more targeted visitors and people leading to the number of leads you get. 

SEO for Local Solicitor Companies.

Wherever you’re working, wether it’s a small town or some large city, getting your solicitor website to rank highly for relevant keywords is the most important thing. You will not keep up with the total amount of solicitor enquiries you receive!
Providing Solicitors SEO Packages to local solicitor businesses to boost rankings on google, boost leads and contracts.  The ultimate SEO for Solicitor agencies. 
At SitePie we consider our solicitor clients deserve an affordable and fair service in order to attain achievable objectives.  Our SEO for law firms consultants are always clear, qualitative with achievable goals – we want to assist you grow your solicitor firm with our affordable plans.  We Provide cheap local Search Engine Optimization services to solicitors in Edinburgh and across the United Kingdom.   We’re simply the ultimate SEO for Solicitors and Lawyer companies. We thrive on marketing lawyers firm.

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How we implement Solicitors SEO for your business?.

SEO Services


Powerful backlinks are vital in SEO, we guarantee to develop and build powerful back-links to your solicitor website.  We have a large online community, to make sure your site obtains top-rated backlinks from authority websites, proving its worth to google. 

Google My Lawyers Business

Often Solicitors think this just applies to their website for search engine ranking, but SEO also includes your Google My Business listing.  This ranking improvement can help drive more leads and traffic to your website and in turn will increase money in your pocket.  SEO for solicitor websites is considered the greatest digital marketing strategy and investment (long-term) because of its sustainability and high return of investment. 

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On-page Content

Our on-page SEO implementation includes the way every part on your website is managed including your content.  This includes the optimisation of your content, title headings and alt-tags to make certain your solicitor site is user friendly and loved by google.  We implement comprehensive keywords and conduct detailed keyword research for your website and content.  This is crucial for how your solicitor business content appears on search results.  

Affordable Solicitor SEO services

Digital Marketing for solutions such as Solicitors SEO will you boost your services and boost leads with our local digital marketing strategies.  This will make sure that your local solicitor business will top the online search results with high quality content.  At SitePie we manage your search optimisation to get your solicitor website and google my business ranking highly on Google.  We guarantee you will see a boost in your rankings and we will help take over the search results in your area with local seo with the use of our high quality content.  We create an affordable solicitor advertising strategy to raise your ROI and leads for your solicitor service.  We’re one of the top rated SEO for Solicitors firm. 

In 2021, it is essential to ensure your solicitor business is standing on the top of Google search engines for keywords like Solicitor SEO.  If potential leads find difficulty locating your solicitor company on Google for a given key words like seo for lawyers, this could result in an issue when trying to grow your business.  Essentially if possible clients have trouble finding your solicitor services online, you will be losing business.  In case you’ve just begun as a solicitor or own a law firm business, our SEO for solicitors agency will ensure we get off on the right foot and allow you to grow your business aswell as create more leads by using our digital advertising strategy.  As a Law firm SEO agency offering search engine optimisation — SEO services for solicitors, we are experienced in implementing all off-page and on page search engine optimisation practices that subsequently influences your rank on google.  We are the best SEO for Solicitors as we get real results.

Solicitor search engine optimisation

Keyword Research

We conduct in-depth Keyword research using professional tools. This allows us to discover how users find your services on Google. Keyword tools offer an insight of how much searches use specific keywords. Normally the more in-depth the analysis is, the more expensive it is. There are numerous free and cheap keyword research tools, but at Sitepie we manage your research, conducting expert keyword research finding the perfect keywords for your company.

Ultimately the best keywords are targeted ones that generate lots of traffic. Keywords need to be relevant and have user intent in mind. These niche terms can be easier to rank for.
These targeted and user intent keywords are more likely to convert into leads as they attract people looking for services, rather than just information.


At SitePie we conduct an indepth audit service to see where improvements can be made. We also see what your competitors are up to and see how we can beat them. We will provide an detailed report on how your SEO is performing along the way, so you can stay up to speed. We use the very best SEO tools, which can sometimes be un-affordable for smaller businesses. The audit consists of all on page content, off page content, technical SEO, backlink profile and everything inbetween. We will pinpoint where we need to improve your SEO and implement the changes to get you boosted on Google, so you can get on with your legal services!


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