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We provide affordable SEO in Milton Keynes to local businesses. We aim to boost rankings on Google and drive sales to your business. Not only that, but we are the ultimate Milton Keynes SEO agency.

Milton Keynes SEO

Milton Keynes Search Engine Optimisation.

We are a team of SEO specialists based in Milton Keynes and cater for Milton Keynes businesses. We provide digital marketing services with the overall goal to improve your website’s google ranking. Whether you have a new website or have hit a wall with your business online, we have the expertise to grow your web presence. Our service targets various SEO ranking factors including identifying target keywords (keyword research), in depth SEO audit and on page optimisation to improve your online traffic. We have years of experience as SEO specialists in our digital marketing agency, improving local seo for businesses across the UK, and much more SEO work to obtain more traffic and increase brand awareness.

We ensure your website is optimised to be search engine friendly and for your visitors which is crucial in 2021. We are confident in saying that we are the best SEO agency in Milton Keynes.

The 1st position with Google could drastically change your business and having an SEO Agency can drastically improve your chances of getting there.

We begin our services by doing a thorough technical audit of your website to ensure that everything is in order. After that, we perform in-depth Keyword research and competitor analysis to assist us in creating engaging content and pages that focus on services in the most efficient way.

Technology has advanced considerably to the extent that large companies now rely heavily on digital marketing. Nowadays, people are networking using platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, creating websites, and using social media platforms. Once you have a website set up, you now need to optimise it for search engines.

You could be offering the best product and services at the best price, but you are losing out if they cannot find you. You have to make it easy for clients to find you. On this page, we’ve given a comprehensive overview of our SEO services in Milton Keynes to assist you in elevating your business and growing your customer base.

About SitePie, a SEO Agency.

These days are numerous agencies offering SEO services. Unfortunately, there is a considerable difference in how they provide services and, of course, differences in pricing.

At SitePie, we provide comprehensive packages that are customised to meet your personal business needs. Our ethos is to put our clients’ priorities at the top. At the end of the day, if our clients are not making money, nor are we! We know that time is the most valuable asset as a business owner, and you will have a million other things to be concentrating on.

That’s why SitePie will help you handle the technical side of your business, leaving you to do the important stuff, like sell your goods or services! This is the reason we’ve customised SEO solutions for businesses in Milton keynes, in order to fit your digital marketing needs and to boost your website.

We have monthly packages that involve on-site and off-site optimisation of your website, saving you the time and stress of ranking your page at the top of Google and allowing you to sit back and relax as we handle the technical side. Whatever the size of your business or digital marketing budget, we have solutions; we have created packages with affordable prices to help you maximise returns and reach more clients.

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Benefits of Choosing SitePie

If you have just started as a business owner, our SEO agency Milton Keynes will ensure it gets off on the right foot and help you grow your client base by implementing a SEO strategy. We provide a tailored service, to ensure we see improvements almost immediately.

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Off-Page services

As an agency that offers search engine optimisation (SEO) services in Milton Keynes, we have extensive experience in conducting all off-page website search engine optimisation practices that make a huge difference on your ranking in search engines. We tap into the technical side of your business, ensuring the Core Vitals are up to scratch, diving deep into your site architecture and much more.

One of the essential elements is link building, which is crucial in SEO; we focus on link building to show google your website has worth and is relevant to potential users.

Organic Traffic

One of the most important results of ranking at the top in search results is obtaining organic traffic. Organic traffic is traffic that clicks onto your website from a simple google search, it doesn’t include any ad clicks. Essentially this visitor is free. 

As we are one of the top SEO agencies in Milton Keynes, we offer various services that will help you rank at the top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines, to improve your organic traffic.

Ultimately, we will help you rank to the top of search engines using a combination of on-page, off-page and technical SEO.

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On-page SEO strategy

Our on-page SEO practices include handling every element on your website.

This consists of the variety of content we create, title headings, and alt-tags to ensure the site is user and search engine optimisation friendly.

At SitePie, we have a Milton Keynes based team of SEO experts that will help rocket your search engine ranking using in-depth keyword research and keyword placement for your website.

Mobile SEO

Some business owners don’t realise the difference between mobile SEO and general search engine optimisation.

Whilst there are many similarities, mobile SEO is an essential part of your business, considering the number of people that now search for businesses on mobile devices. Google now crawls your website using their Mobile Bot. They rank mobile optimised sites higher than others!

There are considerable differences between the way people see search results on mobiles and desktops. For example, If you don’t have a mobile-friendly responsive site, you could suffer significant penalties in the mobile search rankings.

As a company that offers in-depth mobile SEO, we provide mobile SEO to our clients, ensuring your website is mobile-friendly, responsive, and ranks highly when searching on a mobile device.

Mobile search engine optimisation Services
Affordable SEO

Local Milton Keynes SEO Marketing

Many businesses have a physical store or online e-commerce business; if you do, you need to ensure you attract the appropriate target audience onto your website.

We have refined campaigns that will provide your business’ exposure in the location you operate, allowing customers to see your website in different search engines.

After an in-depth analysis of your site, we will identify the specific local elements that suit your business to grow your ranking, consequently driving customers to Milton Keynes and increasing sales.

Our Local SEO will bring local customers and clients to your company.

Affordable Milton Keynes SEO services

SitePie is different from any other SEO agency as we have budget-friendly affordable packages that are customised to meet every business need.

Not only do we offer a comprehensive set of packages, but also in-depth knowledge and services that will ensure your ranking in search engines grow.

Due to the modern era of technology, it is now essential to invest in efficient online digital marketing if you want your business website to get to the top and reach potential customers. At SitePie, we’ve made our SEO affordable, meaning you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on growing your business.

If you require an SEO company in Milton Keynes that would meet your needs and produce maximum results, SitePie is your ideal agency. We have a team of trained SEO experts and pride ourselves in friendly customer support.

SitePie offers SEO Milton Keynes services at affordable monthly packages. Please contact us if you have any questions – and our Milton Keynes team will work closely with you to ensure excellent results.  

Affordable Search engine optimisation Services

Why SitePie is a Leading SEO Company in Milton Keynes.


SitePie is a digital marketing agency and leading SEO Company with a big focus on Search Engine Optimisation. Our SEO services are available to clients in Milton Keynes and throughout the UK. Our SEO agency approach, SEO methods, and SEO techniques allow us to compete with top-ranking websites and other SEO companies. We will ensure your SEO campaign is optimised for your budget and business goals. Whether your SEO campaign is for a small local business providing services in Milton Keynes or a large international company, we are committed to producing results. We offer a SEO consultancy service, tailored to each business, working closely to discover how to improve your online business and search engine rankings. Our Seo team dives deep into google analytics and google search console analysing your organic seo and web pages. We provide access to your SEO rankings, so you can track the growth. After an initial SEO audit we our implement marketing strategies in order to improve your online presence.  

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S butterfly
S butterfly
Absolutely brilliant for start to finish. Tom was very responsive, professional and overall great to work with. Very highly recommended. Thank you SitePie!
Nate Harry
Nate Harry
Very happy with the work of SitePie. Our rankings have improved bringing more business. I recommend their SEO services for any business.
Geremy James
Geremy James
SitePie delivers great service and allowed us to understand SEO. SitePie have provided real results and never over promised.
Celia Thomas
Celia Thomas
I’ve been working with SitePie for a couple of months now they are very professional and have great communication. Our site quickly increased its rankings in a matter of months. I have used a lot of seo companies in the past and can say that SitePie is the best one I have come across.
Alisha Parsons
Alisha Parsons
Great service all round. Great communication and we would highly recommend.
Joe Vaughan
Joe Vaughan
SitePie have been amazing in getting me more leads and increasing my google rankings. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any other small business! I use their SEO packages and they are second to none.
Median Digital
Median Digital
SitePie continues to impress me with great quality and great value too. My website is exactly what I had in mind from the start, and it's been working fantastically ever since it launched. SitePie has brought my business to whole new places and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to increase their online presence!

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What is white hat SEO?

White Hat SEO means using Google’s best practises to increase your search results. This is compared to black hat SEO, which is the method of using shady techniques which could result in penalties for your website. 

What do you actually do?

Good question, especially when you dont know about the SEO world!

This depends on what your website needs each month. Our work covers like optimising your content for keyword phrases, adding SEO-rich media and images, creating optimised blog posts, implementing technical SEO optimisations. We create landing pages, and much more.

We send you a report each month, so you know exactly what work we have carried out along with a rank tracker.

What are the benefits of SEO?

If you get SEO right, it is essentially free ads, imagine being position 1 on Google, lots of people will find you and enquire about your services. It builds trust with your brand and increases the authority of your business.

SitePie can help you build your organic rankings and attract new customers.

Who is the best SEO Company in Milton Keynes?

SitePie is one of the best SEO companies in Milton Keynes. We always suggest speaking to many agencies to get a feel for each one before you commit. We try to make our services affordable as possible to make it accessible for all.

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is all the settings in the backend, customers dont see this work. it covers everything from page speed and sitemaps to internal linking and schema.

Why should I use an agency?

SEO can be a minefield, especially if you are trying to learn it. There are so many “gurus” trying to sell you methods etc. 

At Sitepie we are SEO specialists with years of experience, we know whats working and whats not working. We keep up to date with all google updates to keep on top of the game. 

You should concentrate on your business whilst we do the heavy lifting for your website. Using an agency saves time which you can invest into your business.  

How do we know what results we're getting?

SitePie will send you monthly reports which track your ranking for all your keywords. We send monthly reports showing all the work completed too!

What's the difference between SEO and PPC?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the process of improving a website’s organic search engine rankings.

PPC – Pay per click involves creating an advert, which charges you each time someone clicks on your advert.

PPC is typically faster and offers quick results and can be expensive over the long term

SEO is a long term method and is seen as a medium to long term marketing solution. SEO can be cheaper in the longrun


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