Affordable SEO Packages To Get Ranked On Google.

Our Affordable SEO Packages Include Weekly Content, On-Page Optimisation, Backlinks & SEO Tracking Software at just £99.

Affordable SEO Packages.

Affordable SEO Packages from £99 covering the UK. We promise our local SEO Packages will perform better than our competitors. We provide SEO services which are affordable and customised for every clients needs. Some clients prefer affordable local SEO as the cost is suitable to their budget. If you do not already have a proper a SEO Plan for your company, We will ensure you get a head start in the world of SEO.

We always get asked how much does SEO cost, this is why we have created affordable SEO Packages and services to cater for all client requirements and business ventures. We will ensure to offer all low cost SEO packages with maximum results what ever your marketing budget.

Affordable SEO Packages

Our SEO Packages Include.


On Page Optimisation

We will ensure each page is fully optimised and is fast to load which both are vital for Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research

We will research and find keywords which bring high organic traffic to your site and fit your nice

Competition Analysis

We will analyse your competition to see what they are doing and where we can beat them in the rankings

Link Building

We will acquire power backlinks to your website. Ensuring your Backlink profile is diverse

Content Creation

We will create unique, handwritten blog posts, page content and copywriting for your site to increase traffic

Local SEO

We will ensure your local SEO presence will drive more customers to your site. We will optimise Google My Business

Recent Reviews.


Absolutely great experience working with SitePie! I could see an immediate improvement of my site. He did not disappoint. Truly professional and I will definitely use again in the future. Thanks again


Sitpie delivered what was promised and more. I asked for off page SEO which the work was done on time. Very easy to work with and professional. Im sure I will see the results in the weeks coming!!

Why Does Your Website Need SEO?

Affordable SEO

There are lots of reasons why your website needs SEO, and with our affordable Search engine optimization packages available to customers across the UK, we will ensure to implement a successful SEO strategy.

The ultimate reason affordable SEO is essential to businesses, is to drive organic traffic to your website, in turn creating more sales or enquiries. The better your SEO is, the higher you will rank on Google. The higher you are in the rankings will equal more people coming to your site. In 2021 ensuring your website is on the first page is essential. It is well known then the further down you are the less clicks you will get. The higher you rank the better chance that someone is going to find your website.

SEO doesn’t just help drive organic traffic to your site it ensures it targets the right people. When SEO is properly implemented it can help to funnel potential customers, who are already interested in the niche, to your site. Wether users are after general information, specific product, or just looking for a site to buy it from, a local SEO Package is vital to guiding them to the right place on your website.

A perfect digital marketing SEO strategy will include both on-page and off page optimisation. Both these factors matter, in the rankings and how Google views how relevant your website is.

Track Your Affordable SEO Journey.

Get access to our SEO tracker. It shows your SEO growth, which keywords you are ranking for and much more. Watch your website zoom up the rankings!

SEO packages

Affordable SEO.

Improve Your Search Ranking

Our Affordable SEO company experts will make sure you reach outstanding search ranking results and generate more business online.
We have many years of experience, and have helped clients of all sizes with their long term local SEO campaign.

Site Health

Many variables can impact your site’s health but we ensure all indexing errors, or manual actions aren’t causing problems. We also ensure your site is optimised with on-page and technical SEO

Competitive Analysis

A lot of rival companies could be competing for your keywords, we will analyse their current keywords and ensure you will rank higher in search results. We provide affordable SEO services for small business!

Page Optimisation

We will ensure your website converts leads into paying customers and that it’s fully optimized to achieve the best possible rankings. We will ensure your page speed is up to the mark too.

Content, Content, Content

Sitepie’s local SEO experts will carry out Keyword research, on page SEO and ensure your website is optimised for search engines. We use some of the very best tools in the SEO world, such as Ahrefs and SEMRUSH. Our writers can also provide page/post content and create a SEO Strategy.

Monthly Reporting

We keep you completely in the loop with a monthly report that shows everything we’ve done and how it has impacted your current ranking.

Content Marketing

Content is the king in the online world and Google loves content which will allow your site to rank higher. We can provide new on-page content and regular blog posts making this is the perfect marketing strategy.


Our search engine optimisation consultant will research keywords relative to your niche. We will find the perfect keywords to help drive traffic to your website, increase sales and reach potential customers.

Still Not Sure What SEO Is?


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – is the name given to a range of techniques used by websites to improve how they rank in the results pages of search engines such as google, with the ultimate goal of improving the score. It is probably the single most important tool that anybody running a website needs these days. Take a look at Gday Mate Coffee one of our websites we are managing!

In essence SEO is a marketing strategy, one of the most important ones! It is a method for optimising your site in such a way that allow Google to crawl it, ensure that it hits all of their requirements and in turn will list it higher in the search results than other similar sites. Check out our SEO Edinburgh Page

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Most Important Ranking Factors.





Perfect for Sole Traders

On-page SEO Up To 3 Pages Per Month
5 Keyword Researched Per Month
Google Console / Analytics Set Up
Monthly SEO Report
Small Link Building
Cancel Anytime With Zero Hassle & Fuss




Perfect for Small Businesses

On-page SEO Up To 5 Pages Per Month
10 Keywords Researched
Monthly SEO Report
Monthly Blog Post
Medium Link Building
Cancel Anytime With Zero Hassle & Fuss




Perfect For Small/Medium Businesses

On-page SEO Up To 10 Pages Per Month
10 Keywords Researched
Monthly SEO Report
Weekly Blog Post
High Quality Link Building
Cancel Anytime With Zero Hassle & Fuss

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Frequently asked questions


SEO is Search Engine Optimisation which is the practice of making your website rank on search engines and allow it to be found in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo for a specific keyword.

This allows you to gain more quality organic traffic which in turns leads to higher conversions (more sales).


Usually you start to see results after 3 months, once the changes are complete. It also depends on numerous factors such as the competitiveness of your niche, difficulty of keywords and authority of your website. In some cases, we have produced results as quick as 30 days.


Deciding on which SEO package to go with depends on your business and it also depends on your budget. We have made affordable SEO packages which are accessible to every budget. The Grow Big Package has impressive results and will have the biggest impact of your website. If you any have questions please get in touch.


We offer 50% discount for the first month. 


We accept all major credit cards, we can also facilitate bank transfer.


Your subscription will renew every month. You can cancel at anytime with no fuss. There are no contracts, so there is nothing to worry about. We do advise to wait at least 3 months to observe any results


All payments are made with Stripe which is 100% secure and one of the most popular payment solutions. 

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