You know WordPress website builder is popular, but it can’t possibly live up to its own hype, can it? What in the world could WordPress provide that other website builders are missing? As a matter of reality: it does!

In this guide, we will discuss nine reasons why you need to use WordPress to create your website. You will be pleased that you did.

What’s a WordPress website builder and How Does It Operate?

It’s used by over 32 percent of all sites, so every third site presently on the internet is built on WordPress. You’ll find two kinds of WordPress sites: and, which can create confusion among WordPress newbies.

Take a look at our comparison between vs. for all the specifics. In this guide, we will only be speaking about the self-hosted edition of WordPress.

The primary difference is that is your best website hosting solution, whereas is a self-hosted platform.

WordPress is simple to install, and it’s beginner-friendly. It can be used to create a website, start a blog, or make an online shop.

To sum up: you are able to use WordPress website builder to make any sort of website. We’ll discuss that more in the content below. Now you have a basic idea of exactly what WordPress is, let us dive into the complete details and determine why you need to use WordPress to build your site.

1. WordPress website builder Is Free

WordPress is open-source software. It’s free for all, and you can easily download it on the site. Once downloaded, you can use WordPress to make your website. However, you’ll still need to purchase a domain name and web hosting.

What’s a domain name?

Well, a domain name functions as the identity of your WordPress site. It is the address (URL) of your website – ours is

What’s web hosting?

Without hosting, you can not run a site. If a domain name (URL) is your website identity, then web hosting is where it lives. It’s the space allotted to you on the internet where your site information is stored. It’s where you’ll upload the WordPress files along with your own media content (images and videos).

You will find many WordPress website builder hosting companies to choose from.

If it comes to popularity, WordPress is your most-used website builder on earth and is continually growing with each passing day. Moving forward, we’ll talk more about how easily you can create a website with WordPress.

2. WordPress Is Super Simple And Easy To Use

In reality, it’s super easy! Yes. Even for absolute beginners. From installation to usage, WordPress is extremely simple to learn.

It may be managed without any coding or programming knowledge. If you’re just starting out, this is the primary reason you need to use WordPress for your online presence. Once installed, you can add the pages and posts on your WordPress site. It also lets you add and manage images with your content.

All this can be obtained via an easy admin dashboard. WordPress has regular updates to the core software, and it releases the newest version every couple of months. Using the WordPress updates section in your dashboard, you can easily manage these upgrades in just a few clicks.

To prevent any loss of data, we recommend you utilise a WordPress copy plugin and store normal backups of your website on your computer or on the internet.

3. WordPress Has Infinite Resources (Themes and Plugins)

What makes WordPress website builder even simpler and easier to build with is the wonderful variety of built-in themes and plugins.

WordPress website builder templates, or themes, are design skins for your site. The pre-built themes make your job easy to set up a website. You can set up the theme on WordPress and make the necessary modifications to get your website ready.

You don’t need any coding knowledge or design skills to use WordPress themes. There are themes available for every type of website. The WordPress repository has hundreds of free templates for each category and niche.

All WordPress themes have different options to add a logo, image galleries, and other capabilities. WordPress plugins are tens of thousands in numbers and offer great additional features for sites.

Whether or not you would like to create a contact form, make a picture gallery or picture slider, use Google Analytics, or include any other attribute in WordPress, you can set up a plugin to get the job finished. You might even use WordPress plugins to alter the use of your website. For example, you can use a membership plugin to create a membership site or utilise an eCommerce plugin to make an online store with WordPress.

4. WordPress Is SEO Friendly

It’s important for every website to be search engine friendly; otherwise, you’ll never get the attention of your ideal audience. WordPress is designed and built with the best coding techniques, making it highly optimised for SEO.

If you’ve got a website with WordPress, it’s going to get priority on search results. Google and other popular search engines enjoy WordPress-based websites. To further optimise your site and content, then you can use other SEO tools.

5. WordPress website builder is Secure

WordPress is well-renowned to be safe and protected. There are numerous banks in the world that use WordPress to run their websites. Though the internet can not be completely secure, it’s important to consider as many steps as possible to protect your website from hackers or malicious attacks.

Luckily, WordPress makes this simple. You’ll find many WordPress security plugins on the market. We advocate using a security plugin for your site security needs. It protects your site from threats and malware attacks.

6. WordPress Supports All Sorts of Media

Contrary to other website builders, the WordPress text editor, works like a breeze. It allows you to drag and drop images, videos, etc., over the text editor display. Once published, the press content will be displayed beautifully on your pages and articles. WordPress also allows you to display and download documents, PDFs, and other files. If your file size is large, you can raise the maximum file upload size from WordPress.

7. WordPress Has App Integrations

WordPress plugins are amazing for incorporating more features into your site. But, you can also incorporate apps to make the most of the performance of WordPress. If you’re running an internet shop with WordPress, you can integrate payments programs, shopping cart apps, and product programs to raise your revenue.

Similarly, you can use social networking apps to popularise your site or blog. You will find many apps available on the market, which can be incorporated with WordPress to satisfy the demands of your website.

8. WordPress Has the Largest Community

Because of its prevalence, and the WordPress community has grown all over the world. The WordPress community has expanded to forums, social channels, discussion boards, and much more. People who’re working with WordPress website builder also organise meet ups around the globe to talk about the platform.

If you’ve got an issue with WordPress, you’re most likely to find the solution to the forum or some other WordPress group on social media. WordPress communities are offered on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and almost every other social network.

9. WordPress Website Builder Is For All

As soon as we state WordPress is for all, we really mean it. WordPress can be used to make ANY kind of website. You can also create a site of any type or size. Or, you can use WordPress to make an online shop and sell your products. The possibilities are infinite. WordPress was designed for beginners to advanced users. While beginners can use the drag and drop builders and directly publish a website, advanced users can fully customise the code and produce their desired changes inside the software.

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